Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amy Lyn Acuff

Born July 14, 1975
Amy Lyn Acuff is an athlete from the United States.

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An aggressive high jump competitor, Acuff competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics as a member of USA Track and Field and is a four-time Olympian. Her personal best is 2.01 m, which she achieved in Zürich on 2003-08-15.

Acuff graduated from Calallen High School in Corpus Christi, Texas

Acuff lives in Austin, Texas, and is an alumna of UCLA.

Acuff is distantly related to country musician Roy Acuff (her grandfather’s second cousin).

For the duration of her high school campaign, Amy would methodically go about capturing each separate national high jump class record:

* freshman (1990: 6'0")
* sophomore (1991: Texas state record 6'2-1/4")
* junior (1992: national
record 6'3")
* senior (1993: re-establishing her national mark at 6'4").

Acuff is also known for her career as a model, including multiple cover appearances:

* Esquire, “Women of Summer: Strength & Beauty: A Portfolio of America’s 10 Sexiest Athletes”
* “Men's magazines”, such as Maxim and FHM
* The 2004 Olympics were noted for the large number of female Olympians who posed nude—following in the footsteps of the 2000 Matildas. Of the 2004 examples the most visible was Acuff's appearance on the cover and within Playboy's, “The Women of the Olympics” issue.
* Acuff is on the top part cover of the 2008 edition of the Complete Book of the Olympics

# 993 NCAA Indoor Champion
# 1994 NCAA Indoor Champion
# 1995 NCAA Indoor Champion
# 1995 NCAA Outdoor Champion
# 1995 U.S. Outdoor Champion
# 1996 NCAA Outdoor Champion
# 1997 World University Games Champion
# 1997 NCAA Indoor Champion
# 1997 U.S. Outdoor Champion
# 2001 U.S. Indoor Champion
# 2001 U.S. Outdoor Champion
# 2003 U.S. Outdoor Champion
# 2004 U.S. Indoor Champion
# 2005 U.S. Outdoor Champion
# 2008 U.S. Indoor Champion

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