Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holly Weber

Born September 20, 1984
Holly Weber in Loma Linda, California) is an American actress and model.

During her college years (she was pursuing an Orthodontics degree), Holly Weber supported herself by waiting tables at a local restaurant and would blow off steam by hitting the hottest nightspots in nearby Las Vegas. It was at just such a club that Holly Weber was invited to dance professionally, and she soon found herself earning a handsome living as a go-go dancer

She has appeared on television programs such as CSI: NY, Las Vegas and the Geico Commercial inspired Cavemen . She also was featured in several films such as Roger Corman's Supergator and the short film Room

Weber's acting career has included many featured roles in music videos, most notably in Daize Shayne's Naughty Girl.

Weber's television roles include appearances with Bon Jovi in Las Vegas, Kid Rock in CSI: NY, Jenny McCarthy in Party at the Palms and Denise Richards in Sex, Love & Secrets. Other popular shows she has appeared in include The Tonight Show, Bones, Threshold, Everybody Hates Chris, Two and a Half Men and many programs new to 2007 Cavemen, Big Shots, Life and Disneys Wizards of Waverly Place.

Holly has filmed several Motion pictures including Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon, Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with the Zohan and Click as well as being featured in Supergator and Room Service

Holly's measurements are 32D-23-34.
She is 5'8"
with Hazel eyes and Sandy brown hair
Has appeared on several national billboards
including Two and a Half Men, Margarita King and Turf Tech.
Required 7 screws and a plate to be put in her right arm after breaking it at home in February 2007. She now has a 6 inch scar on the back of her right arm.
FHM date of the month for December 2005, Won the final two ever FHM Hometown Honey competitions and was crowned Miss FHM for the West in 2006


* Fast and Furious 4 (2008) Samantha Braga Dir. Justin Lin
* The Ugly Truth (2008) Chef Megan Dir. Robert Luketic
* Ice 44 (2008)... Herself (Nickels Dream Girl) Dir. Jason Connery
* Playboys (2008)... Heather
* Tropic Thunder (2008)... Oscar Awards Starlet Dir. Ben Stiller
* That Thing You Like (2008) Beth (Drunk Girl) Dir. Ora Yasher
* Frost / Nixon (2007)... Playboy Playmate Dir. Ron Howard
* You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2007)... GoGo Dancer
* Supergator (2007)... Lorissa
* Room Service (2007)... Librarian / Film Star


* Criminal Minds - CBS (2008)...Hollie Hottie
* Dirt - FX (2008)... Nicolina
* Nip / Tuck - FX (2008)... Christian's Sex Kitten
* Shark - CBS (2007)... 90's Sebastian Bikini Babe
* Cane - CBS (2007)... Jamie's Bride Dancer
* Cane - CBS (2007)... Bikini Party Girl
* Nip / Tuck - FX (2007)... Santa's Naughty Helper
* Shark - CBS (2007)... 2007-2008 Series opening sequence
* Life - NBC (2007)... Natasha's Girl
* Las Vegas - NBC (2007)... Pacific Tropic Contestant
* CSI: NY - CBS (2007)... Subway Car Gogo Dancer
* The Man - FOX (Pilot Episode) (2007)... Paul's Girlfriend
* Everybody Hates Chris - CW (2007)... Playboy Dream Girl
* Wizards of Waverly Place - Disney (2007)... Runway Show Model
* Big Shots - ABC (2007)... Duncan's NY Club Girl
* Cavemen - ABC (2007)... Premier Episode Model at Party
* Click (2006)... Arabian Pool Girl

I liked to dress in skimpy clothing and go dancing in Vegas (at 18, I could get into clubs there). One night I was approached by a girl from L.A. who said I could get paid to dress like that and dance in night clubs, so I started go-go dancing in Hollywood and Las Vegas."
- Holly Weber, on how she got started in modeling.

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