Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Model Nereida Gallardo

Model Nereida Gallardo was born on March 18, 1983 in Spain.

"We had sex the first night we met."
- Nereida Gallardo, on how her
relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo started

Not much is known about Gallardo outside her relationship with Manchester United football player Cristiano Ronaldo. All that’s known prior to her relationship with Ronaldo is that Gallardo is a part-time nursing student and works as a model to get by. She generally sports long brown hair and is lauded and drooled after by men everywhere for her buxom, curvy figure.There are plenty of pictures modeling her figure available online.

Gallardo and Ronaldo are reported to have met at a night club one night on Mallorca, the largest island off mainland Spain and Gallardo’s home. The two were taken with one another and began dating soon after.

For his part Ronaldo is one of Manchester United’s starplayers. He was born in Portugal and is Gallardo’s junior by almost two years. He has been playing with Manchester United since 2002 and 2003, receiving a hefty 12.24 million pounds for his contract. He’s since become an incredible asset to the team. He’s also the highest-paid player in Manchester United history, having signed a five-year contract in 2007 that sees 120,000 pounds a week going into his pocket.

All this money seems to have proven beneficial for Gallardo’s relationship with Ronaldo, as he has in the past shelled out to fly his girlfriend to wherever he’s playing to watch his games and cheer him on.The two have also been spotted numerous times in England, and were seen going to dinner recently with Ronaldo’s family just outside his Cheshire home.

Gallardo is somewhat of a beacon of controversy, though playful controversy at best: she has been photographed several times posing topless at parties and so forth, one of the most recent of which was along side two friends in a somewhat provocative pose. Ronaldo’s friends nevertheless commented at the time that the two were serious in their relationship.

There have been stirrings in recent months, however, that Gallardo and her football beau had broken up, and that Ronaldo was the one doing the dumping. Gallardo vehemently denied the rumors despite reports from various anonymous sources that Ronaldo was upset about Gallardo’s past relationship with another footballer, Sergio Ramos. It has since been largely accepted that the two have indeed broken up and gone their separate ways, though whether or not the split has to do with Gallardo’s relationship with Ramos, or if Ronaldo took exception to topless pictures of the model, remains unknown.

Ronaldo has since been connected to another girl, Letizia Filippi. Another Italian model, Filippi has been seen cavorting playfully with Ronaldo on a number of occasions.

Nereida Gallardo's sparkling personality isn't what makes her a tabloid favorite. A good chunk comes from the fact that she's drop-dead gorgeous. While not every curve of her shapely figure may be natural, it's hard to deny her appeal toward men. If she weren't appealing, she wouldn't have landed one of Manchester United's most eligible bachelors -- even if the relationship didn’t stand the test of time.

It's also pretty clear that Nereida Gallardo has quite an adventurous streak. Her tabloid pictures have depicted her in various shades of undress in different night spots and beaches, and equally in the company of men and women. Player agent Pedro Campane claims to be a past lover of Nereida Gallardo, and he raised eyebrows by telling the world that she was "a wild animal in bed" with no inhibitions and who "liked doing everything." Any other questions? We didn't think so.

Height 5' 5¾" (167 cm)
Eye Color Brown - Dark
Hair Color Brown - Dark
Date of Birth March 18, 1983
Birthplace Spain
Star Sign Pisces
Nationality Spain
Occupation Model

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