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Britney Jean Spears

Born December 2, 1981
Britney Jean Spears is a Grammy Award-winning American pop singer and entertainer.

"I know not everyone will like me, but this is who I am so if you don't like it, tough! "
- Britney Spears

At age eight, Spears auditioned for the Disney Channel series The New Mickey Mouse Club. Although she was considered too young to join the series at the time, a producer on the show introduced her to a New York City agent. Spears subsequently spent three summers at NYC's Professional Performing Arts School and also appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions. She was an understudy in the 1991 off-Broadway musical Ruthless!. In 1992, she landed a spot on the popular television show Star Search. She won the first round of competition, but ultimately lost. At age eleven, Spears returned to the Disney Channel for a spot on the The New Mickey Mouse Club in Lakeland, Florida. She was featured on the show from 1993 to 1994, until she was 13. After the show ended, Spears returned to Kentwood and attended high school for a year.

In 1997, Spears briefly joined the all-female pop group Innosense. Later that same year, she recorded a solo demo and was signed by Jive Records. She began a U.S. concert tour sponsored by American teen magazines, and eventually became an opening act for 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys

Spears released in October 1998 her debut single, "...Baby One More Time", which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1999 and topped the chart for two weeks. Gillian G. Gaar, author of She's a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll (2002), documented that "eyebrows were raised over the schoolgirl-in-heat persona Spears projected in her [music video for ...Baby One More Time], along with an increasingly revealing series of stage outfits". Spears's debut album ...Baby One More Time peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 in January 1999. Rolling Stone magazine, in a review of the album, wrote: "While several Cherion-crafted kiddie-funk jams serve up beefy hooks, shameless schlock slowies, like [']E-Mail My Heart,['] are pure spam". NME commented "[Spears's debut album and its title-track] are the kind of soullessness that saturates Stateside charts and consists of nothing but over-chewed bubblegum beats and saccharine sensibilities". In contrast, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic wrote: "Like many teen pop albums, ...Baby One More Time has its share of well-crafted filler, but the singles, combined with Britney's burgeoning charisma, make this a pretty great piece of fluff". ...Baby One More Time was later certified fourteen times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, denoting fourteen million units shipped within the United States

Spears endorsed her first Elizabeth Arden fragrance "Curious" in 2004, and earned $100 million in sales in the five weeks after its 2004 release. In September 2005, Spears released the fragrance "Fantasy" with Elizabeth Arden, which also saw great success. These were followed by the release of two more fragrances of "Curious:In Control" and "Midnight Fantasy" in 2006. Her latest Elizabeth Arden fragrance "Believe", was released in September 2007. In January, 2008, Spears released Curious Heart. Spears will release a new fragrance entitled Hidden Fantasy, due in stores in January 2009.

There is no denying that Britney Spears had sex appeal -- once. The video for "...Baby One More Time," in which Britney is dressed in a private-school uniform -- pigtails, knee-highs and all -- launched her to the stratosphere of "popdom." That image was easily categorized under men's "catholic schoolgirl" fantasies.

Before she went crazy, the Louisiana-born beauty always had innate sex appeal. Although her "natural" assets were often put into question, Spears had an aura of sex appeal that just oozed out of her every bronzed pore. It may have all started with the "...Baby One More Time" video, but thanks to Britney's red latex cat suit in the video for "Oops!... I Did It Again," her chair-humping antics in "Stronger," her very revealing bikini in "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," her sweaty panting in "Slave 4 U," and her dance moves with leather-clad dominatrix Madonna in "Me Against the Music," she has never been one to deny that sex sells. That is, until she had sex, produced two children and developed an addiction to fried foods.

Studio albums
* 1999: ...Baby One More Time
* 2000: Oops!... I Did It Again
* 2001: Britney
* 2003: In the Zone
* 2007: Blackout
* 2008: Circus

Compilation albums
* 2004: Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
* 2005: B in the Mix: The Remixes

* 1999: ...Baby One More Time Tour
* 2000: Crazy 2K Tour
* 2000: Oops!... I Did It Again World Tour

* 2001 – 2002: Dream Within a Dream Tour
* 2004: The Onyx Hotel Tour

* 2007: The M+M's Tour
* 2009: The Circus Starring: Britney Spears

Nickname: Brit, Bit-Bit, Unfitney, Pinkey, British Brit
Birthname:Britney Jean Spears
Hookups:Kevin Federline, Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst, Jason Alexander, Adnan Ghalib
Assets: Pretty face, pulled herself together for her kids, good personality (watch her 1999 interviews), great entertainer
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'4
Job:Singer, actress, song writer, dancer

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