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Kangana Ranaut (Hindi: कंगना राणावत)

Born March 20, 1987
Kangana Ranaut (Hindi: कंगना राणावत) is an Indian actress who has appeared in Hindi and Tamil movies

Personal Quotes

"I schooled in Himachal Pradesh. I had taken up science and, initially, wanted to become a doctor. There are few career options for students of science though, so I shifted to
Delhi and decided to try theater instead. I joined a group called Ashmita, and did two plays there -- Madhavi and Rakht Kalyan. As I was still unsure of what I wanted to do, I began sending photographs of myself to advertising agencies. I even took up classes in French because I thought of shifting to Paris, where models have always had a chance."

"I come from a middle class family, and my parents weren't too supportive of my career choices. My father is a businessman, and my mother is a schoolteacher. They would always discuss my career whenever I'd visit them, but they are now very happy as Gangster is doing well. In fact, Himachal Pradesh is proud of me! I keep getting calls from there. I'm very happy now, but I'm sure that when I'm older, I will miss being a student and not going to college. I should be writing love letters at this age. Instead, I'm working day and night. Then again, you can't get everything in life."

My biggest asset is that I know how to learn and that, I believe will help me in the long run.

She did her schooling in Chandigarh from DAV model school Sector 15 before moving to Shimla. She completed her high schooling in Shimla. She then moved to Delhi to become a model and theatre actor. She graduated with Bachelors in Science from Delhi in March 2005. She also joined the Elite Modelling Agency situated in Delhi in 2003 with the prospect of becoming a model but was not successful. Kangana then joined Asmita Theatre group during 2003-2005 as a theatre actor before relocating to Mumbai. She came to Mumbai in early 2004 and struggled initially to get into movies, having failed went back to Delhi to complete her education. She also joined Asha Chandra's acting school in 2004 to brush herself to face camera. After struggling for nearly two years she met Anurag Basu in September 2005 and was selected for Gangster.

Ranaut started her career as theatre actor in Delhi with the Asmita theatre group. She trained under eminent theatre director Arvind Gaur. She participated in his theatre workshop at India Habitat Centre and acted in many plays.

Her first play with Arvind Gaur was Girish Karnad's Taledanda ( Rakt-Kalyan). In this classic play, she was playing Lalitamba's character. On the day of the show, a male actor fell ill. It was a crucial time for Arvind's team but Kangana came out and prepared Damodar Bhatt's role within an hour. Damodar Bhatt 's role is very challenging but that day Kangana 's performance in both Male & female characters was outstanding

Ranaut moved to Mumbai to try her luck in movies and received the offer for Mahesh Bhatt's 2006 film Gangster. During September 2005, Hindi Film-maker Anurag Basu spotted her having coffee in a cafe in Bombay, and signed her up for this movie. .

The film was critically and commercially successful and her performance was especially applauded. This was followed by another acclaimed performance in Woh Lamhe (2006).

Later, Kangana starred in yet another Anurag Basu project, the hit film Life In A... Metro, as a confused girl who is looking for a real love. Her performance in the film earned her rave reviews. She also starred in Shakalaka Boom Boom (2007) as an aspiring singer. Her next film Fashion starring Priyanka Chopra and Mugdha Godse was released on October 29th 2008 and was very successful. Kangana has received extremely positive reviews for her portrayal of a supermodel who loses everything on drug abuse. Kangana's role in Fashion was critically and commercially acclaimed..

Her latest film is Raaz - The Mystery Continues with Adhyayan Suman and Emraan Hashmi. The movie was released on January 23rd and has been a commercial hit grossing around 30 crores.

“I read 60 scripts before signing Fashion - all the others flopped. I know which movie would be a hit. I trust my instincts,” Kangana said on Zee News' celebrity chat show Kahiye Janab.

Commenting upon her relationship with Adhyayan Suman, she said that they have “no issues” with each other. In fact, she says: “I'm not a romantic person and Adhyayan knows it."

Do you think 'the bad girl' tag worked for you? may say so. But that was not a conscious decision. My characters in GANGSTER, WOH LAMHE, METRO and FASHION (not talking about SHAKA LAKA BOOM BOOM) is not the ones that actors are privileged to play every other day, let aside newcomers like me being offered such roles. So there was no scope for saying 'No' to these offers. But on second thought, I think it is my nature that I dare to try things that others don't. Even at school I never wore a dress that was similar to the ones my friends had. In fact, I always experimented with my clothes and looks.

Love, love AND love:

I don’t have friends. But, I believe in love. Adhyayan Suman, the man in my life, has been amazing. I’ve discovered a new energy in me. I feel like a complete woman. We share thoughts, food, everything. Love makes you a nicer person. You see life from an unselfish dimension. For me, love is unconditional!

Date of Birth: 20 March 1987
Place of Birth: Himachal Pradesh, India
Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Alternate Names: Kangna Ranaut / Kangana Ranut
Profession: Actress and Model


  • Raaz 2 - The Mystery Continues [forthcoming] [2009]
  • Dhaam Dhoom [tamil] [Ravi and Kangana Ranaut][2008]
  • Fashion [starring Priyanka Chopra, Mughda Godse][2008]
  • Life in a… Metro[as Neha][2007]
  • Shakalaka Boom Boom[as Ruhi][2007]
  • Woh Lamhe[as Sana Azim][2006]
  • Gangster[as Simran][2006]


  • 2006: Filmfare Best Female Debut Award for Gangster
  • 2006: IIFA Best Female Debut Award for Gangster

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