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Claudia Ciesla

Born February 12, 1987 in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland
Claudia Ciesla is a German model, actress, and singer of Polish descent. She grew up in the town of Bukow, Poland, five miles from the Czech border in an area called Silesia with a minority German population. Her father is Polish and her mother is German. Despite her heritage, she is a fan of Yorkshire football team Leeds United and in August 2008 visited Elland Road following the UK release of her debut single.

Ciesla started modeling at the age of 15 working for shows involved in fashion and dancing. At the age of 17 she moved to Bamberg, Germany and became an Internet glamour model. Her original stage name is "CClaudia", but she also appears frequently under her real name. - She then appeared in print in the German Matador magazine. She was discovered by the former German Chief Editor, Stefan Gessulat, and appeared in the August 2005 Matador issue as Miss Matador. .

She has done many glamorous bikini style and fashion modeling shoots and her photos have been published on many Internet websites. - The German newspaper Bild arranged an examination of Ciesla by a plastic surgeon and reported, that her breasts were entirely natural.

In March 2006, Ciesla won a subscribers poll on the internet websites of Auto Bild, Bild, Sat.1, T-Online and Kabeleins and she obtained the most votes with a big lead over her rivals with 350,000 hits to her profile to give her first place as Germany's Super Girl 2006. In May 2006 she was selected by Bild as the Football/Soccer Worldcup Girl 2006, and during the World Cup 2006 she was featured on the front page of a total of seven publications of that newspaper.

In 2007 and again in 2008 she was appearing on the German Internet soap opera Beach House, playing the part of Daisy Vandenburg. In November 2007 she told in an interview, that she plans after her modelling career to become a tax consultant.

In 2008 Claudia Ciesla was in Austria chosen for the Snow Queen 2008. In the touristic season 2007-2008 she was representing the snowrichest tourist Ski-Village in the World and was showing up on various events and promotional appearances, photo shoots for magazines, advertising and brochures, and did a shoot for the magazine “MOTOR-Freizeit and TRENDS“ in Austria. - The New Indian Express reported that Ciesla is acting in a Bollywood film Karma along with leads Carlucci Weyant, Alma Saraci, and DJ Perry as part of an international filmcrew to be filmed in India. Film Director M.S. Shahjahan mentioned in an interview that there will be more assignments for Ciesla in Bollywood.

Her summer 2008 single I love dancing I Espania is written by English composer Gordon Lorenz, and the video shot at his home in Llandudno, Wales.

In July 2008 Ciesla played the role of CLAUDIA in the new italian TV-Sitcom "Outsiders in Palermo" shooted in Palermo/Italy. - In Aug. 2008 Claudia played the female lead in the German-Indian Film "Ki Jana Pardes" - In Aug/Sept Claudia shooted in Calcutta, India in the role of a German journalist for the Film "10:10" (Directed by "Arin Paul"), together with awardwinning filmstar Soumitra Chatterjee and sang the titlesong of this movie.

During 2009, she will participate as an actress at the next Uwe Boll movie "Silent Night in Algona".

"It was so great...perfect organisation, great hospitality everywhere... met so many wonderful and nice people in the Bollywood film industry," says Claudia Ciesla who has has come back to Germany after filming for 'Karma', a $5 million thriller shot in India, directed by renowned South Indian filmmaker M.R. Shahjahan, writes Kathy Robinson

And! She's happy to bare it all- well..more or less! However, Claudia Ciesla insists she has stopped doing topless work for some time. "During the last two years I have received hundreds of offers, some of them quite lucrative, for topless and nude work but I said no to all," clarifies Claudia.

But she also confesses that she 'did pose topless' for Matador, a well known Lifestyle magazine in Germany, as Miss Matador on 10 pages, and 3 times for Bild, a German daily tabloid. Bild is known for its controversial stories and page-3 style-pin-ups. It's also the best-selling newspaper in Europe and claims to have the seventh-largest circulation worldwide.

Now, listen to the best part of Claudia's raunchy story.

Claudia, of course, is proud of her natural assets- 40, 26, 38 to be precise! So much proud... that she allowed herself to be tested and examined by a plastic surgeon just to refute allegations that her assets were all fake. She subjected herself to a rigorous test before a surgeon who was acting on behalf of the Bild newspaper.

Claudia admits that Bild's mission was to find out whether, like many other sexy models, she had any implants- 'a foreign hand' as they say in India and 'boob job' in the industry.

"Her breasts are entirely natural," declared a satisfied surgeon much to the relief of Bild's millions of readers.

Interestingly, Claudia is a believer in Karma-the Hindu theory of one's actions and deeds, and the end result. Though film Karma's story reminds one of the Hindi films based on 'milan and punar janm'- rebirth cycle. Not very original. Vik returns to his ancestral home in Ooty, South India. Meets his mysterious father after a long gap of 30 years. He's not alone. Anna, his American wife, has come along with him. The moment sexy Anna reaches Ooty things go topsy turvy. She gets visions of her previous birth- thirty years ago, Vik's father was involved in some macabre happenings. A girl was raped and murdered! Finally, the murderer is found and the identity crisis of Anna gets resolved, happily. That's Karma!

She featured in:

Moschen-Bayern, one of the most exclusive fashion events in Germany,
Zsport (Sport-Fashion) Paris,
Anna Roxxaa, Les chal des Stars Paris,
Orangedental, hig-tech Dental Equipment in Germany,
Jacuzzi Whirlpools, Italy,
Pille-Film, one of the largest film Equipment Companies in Germany,
Oktoberfest, biggest Beer-Fest worldwide, Munich/Germany,
Whiskyship (biggest Whisky-Event in Europe) Zurich, Switzerland, Damüls Touristic, Austria
and many more



1. 10:10 (2008) .... Serin - German Journalist
2. Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation (2008) .... Linda

Birth location: Wodzisław Śląski, Poland
Measurements: 32DD 38-26-37 in
(98-64-96 cm)
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight: 125 lb (57 kg)
Eye colour: Blue-Green
Hair colour: Dark-Blond
Ethnicity: German/Polish
Official web site http://www.cclaudia.net/
Claudia Ciesla at IMDb

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