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Anna Faris

Born on November 29, 1976
Anna Kay Faris is an American actress and singer known for her broadly comic roles.

Her first significant film role was in the independent production, Lovers Lane (1999). Her breakout role was the horror film parody Scary Movie (2000). The 5'4" Faris, a natural blonde, dyed her hair black for the filming of Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, so that her character more closely resembled Neve Campbell, who played the corresponding character in Scream, one of the films that Scary Movie parodied.

Faris gained further popularity after she became recurring character, "Erica," in the final season of the popular American sitcom Friends. She also was in the critically acclaimed film, Lost in Translation—in which she plays an actress promoting the fictional action movie, Midnight Velocity.

Faris was in the film Waiting..., with Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long. In 2005, she appeared again with Reynolds in, Just Friends, playing a supporting role as a pop-diva singer named, "Samantha James." Faris' role as the motor-mouthed "LaShawn Malone," in Brokeback Mountain (2005), brought her to the attention of a much wider audience. Faris starred with Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in the feature film My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006). She appeared in the comedy Young Americans, playing Topher Grace's twin sister,in addition to, Mama's Boy, with Jon Heder, Jeff Daniels and Diane Keaton and in Smiley Face, with Adam Brody and John Cho. In 2007, she produced and starred in The House Bunny, a film with Happy Madison Productions about a retired Playboy bunny. In the summer 2007 season of HBO's Entourage, Faris guest-starred as herself. Faris also made an appearance in a video on as herself with Internet wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

More recently, Faris co-starred as Seth Rogen's cosmetic counter girlfriend in Jody Hill's 2009 comedy, Observe and Report.

Faris won the "Stonette of the Year" award at High Times magazine's Stony Awards, in Los Angeles, on October 13, 2007, for her role in Smiley Face.

In 2009, she was nominated in MTV's Movie Awards for Best Comedic Performance for her movie House Bunny.

Anna Faris Quotes

“I don't really like to go out to clubs or anything. It's just not my style. I'd much rather go to a dive bar or a local place.”

"I was anticipating that experience at the [Playboy] mansion to be a highly competitive between the women. From my distant observance, I didn't see
that at all. Everyone was much more friendly and supportive, much more so than actresses can be with each other, which was interesting and really refreshing. I have a whole new respect for those girls"

"I sleep on my stomach, usually with a pillow sort of resting on top of my head, instead of under it. I know it's terrible for your back, but I can't sleep any other way. I get nightmares if I sleep on my back."

"I’d love to be able t
o balance things out, doing some more serious work, and then being able to come back and do a Scary Movie. It sounds pretty ideal to me. "

"It takes, truly, a lack of vanity and just being able to take some risks and being OK with looking like a fool, whic
h I am very OK with now"

"I'm not so much the "scary movie" girl in the eyes of Hollywood. I'm more the funny girl."

-Anna Faris

when asked, "Are you a funny person?"
No! I really don't think that I am. I was never the class clown or anything like that. When I was growing up and doing theatre in Seattle I was always doing very dramatic work. So it came as a surprise to my family and friends that I was in this comedy. Now I can't get a dramatic role to save my life! I only do comedy now so it's funny how life takes a turn.

about working with Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner was a great sport. In that scene where he's eating all the ice cream, we were in his bedroom, it was, like, 110 degrees and he had to eat a lot of ice cream, [but] he was really great about it. He was always in a good mood and [wanted] to do it again.

about being nude in The House Bunny
I [originally] had a body double, but then we had some complicating factors with her. It was sort of a last-minute thing where I was just like, "I'll go ahead and do this." I was really uncomfortable when this crew that knows me when I put on my producer hat suddenly sees me naked, [so] it was a little humiliating.

talking about doing Scary Movie 5
I think I would. After Scary Movie 3, I was like, "no I'm done," but then, here I am and I had so much fun making this one, that I think that I would. I would definitely be open to doing it.


* Smiley Face (2007)
* Mama's Boy (2006)
* My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) ... as Hannah
* Scary Movie 4 (2006) ... as Cindy Campbell
* Just Friends (2005) ... as Samantha James
* Brokeback Mountain (2005) ... as LaShawn Malone
* Southern Belles (2005) ... as Belle
* Waiting... (2005) ... as Serena
* Friends (2004) ... as Erica (TV)
* Lost in Translation (2003) ... as Kelly
* Scary Movie 3 (2003) ... as Cindy Campbell
* The Hot Chick (2002) ... as April
* Sheer Bliss (2002) ... as Justine
* May (2002) ... as Polly
* Scary Movie 2 (2001) ... as Cindy Campbell
* Scary Movie (2000) ... as Cindy Campbell
* Lovers Lane (1999) ... as Janelle
* Eden (1996) ... as Dithy
* Deception: A Mother's Secret (1991) .... as Liz

Birthday: 11/29/1976
Nickname: Ah-na, Nut
Birthname: Anna Kay Faris
Hookups: Ben Indra
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Assets: Killer body, great calves, and she is funny
Vices: dumb blond persona
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'5
Job: Actress
Hobbies: Runnings
Ethnicity: White
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website :

# Anna is ranked #3 in the "100 Hottest Blondes of AIM".
# Anna won the Stonette of the Year Award at High Times magazine's Stony Awards.
# She has dark blue eyes.
# She was rated #57 on the Maxim Hot 100 of 2004 list.
# She is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair black during the production of Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 so she could give her character, Cindy Campbell, a "Neve Campbell look".

Anna Faris has that sexy girl-next-door, all-American thing going on, and we can't get enough of it. Plus she has a great sense of humor (which is apparent judging by the film roles she takes). Despite a lower success rating, we'll give Ms. Faris major sex appeal points.


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