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Anne Jacqueline Hathaway

Born on November 12, 1982
Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an American actress. She made her acting debut in the 1999 television series Get Real, but her first prominent role was in Disney's family comedy The Princess Diaries (starring opposite Julie Andrews), which established her career.

From her 2001 role in The Princess Diaries to her 2008 appearance in Rachel Getting Married, it’s clear that Anne Hathaway is one of those actresses who improves as she ages. While Anne’s willingness to explore her more sultry side has certainly won her a legion of male fans, she possesses the acting chops that’ll ensure she’s never thought of as just another pretty face.

Anne Hathaway Quotes

“Over the
last few years I've learned that the Next Big Thing is something a lot of people wish and want for you -- but what you wish for yourself is really important too.”

“I was 17 years old when I was cast in The Princess Diaries. That film landed, and it landed big. And so I became identified with a role that wasn't really me.”

"I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven`t looked in a mirror for days, and I`m doing things that make me happy. "

"Films are letting me get older, which is really nice, because there was always this fear of what happens when I stop being a teenager. But for everyone else, it was kind of a sharp left. "

"I really don`t drink, I don`t do drugs. I feel like right now I`ve been given so many opportunities I don`t want to mess it up with those things ... I think I was raised in a solidly upper-middle class family who had really strong values and excess was not one of the things that my family put up with. - On avoiding the hard partying young-star life style "

"I`ll be honest with you, it really, really, really annoys me, the image that`s put out there for women. These tiny, tiny bodies, with absolutely no fat at all on them. It`s unhealthy, plain and simple, and there are only a handful of women in the world who are naturally like that. It makes me sick. "

"I think that fashion can be a lot of fun. I love clothes, but I recognize that it should only be a hobby. Some clothes that are more design-based look better on women with figures like wire hangers, because that`s the nature of the design. I won`t wear those clothes. "

- Anne Hathaway

Hathaway's first role in a motion picture was as Jean Sabin in The Other Side of Heaven, opposite Christopher Gorham. Before production of Heaven began in New Zealand, she auditioned for the lead role of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, directed by Garry Marshall. Hathaway auditioned for the role during a flight layover on the way to New Zealand and won the role after only one audition. Marshall claimed that he loved her immediately because she fell off her chair during the audition and believed her clumsiness would make her perfect for the role. (However, in a 2008 conversation with Steve Carell, Hathaway denied that she fell during this audition, although she openly admits to being a "klutz".) The Princess Diaries was released before The Other Side of Heaven in the hopes that its success would increase interest in Heaven. Across the world, The Princess Diaries was a commercial success, and a sequel was planned shortly after. Many critics praised Hathaway's performance in Diaries; a BBC critic noted that "Hathaway shines in the title role and generates great chemistry." The Other Side of Heaven was received weakly by critics, but it performed well for a religion-themed film.

In February 2002, Hathaway starred opposite Brian Stokes Mitchell in the City Center Encores! concert production of Carnival! in New York City, receiving positive reviews for her portrayal of Lili. Also in 2002, Hathaway began voicing the audio book releases of The Princess Diaries and has since voiced the first three books of the series. She also provided the voice of the character Haru in the English version of Hiroyuki Morita's The Cat Returns.

Hathaway continued to appear in family-oriented films over the next three years, subsequently becoming known in mainstream media as a children's role model. In 2002, she appeared in Nicholas Nickleby, opposite Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Bell, which opened to positive reviews. The Northwest Herald referred to it as "an unbelievably fun film," and the Deseret News said that the cast was "Oscar-worthy." Despite critical acclaim, the film never entered wide release and failed at the North American box office, totaling less than US$4-million in ticket sales.

In 2004, Hathaway was set to star opposite Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera, but was forced to turn down the role because the production schedule of the film overlapped with that of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, which she was contractually obligated to make. Disney began production on The Princess Diaries 2 in early 2004, and it was released in August of that year. The film opened to negative reviews, but still managed to peak higher at the box office than its predecessor, commissioning $95.1-million against a $40-million budget.

Hathaway began appearing in more dramatic roles after The Princess Diaries 2. She said that "anybody who was a role model for children needs a reprieve," although she also noted that "it's lovely to think that my audience is growing up with me", a reference to her previous status as a children's actress.]She voiced Little Red Riding Hood in Hoodwinked! (2005), which received generally positive reviews. That same year, Hathaway starred in the R-rated Havoc, in which she played a spoiled socialite. In a surprise move, Hathaway was featured in several nude and sexual scenes throughout the film. Although the content of the movie was radically different from her previous films, Hathaway denied that her role in the film was a blatant attempt to be seen as more of a mature actress, citing her belief that doing nudity in certain movies is merely a part of what her chosen form of art demands of her; and because of that belief she does not consider appearing nude in appropriate films to be morally objectionable

on filming a raunchy scene with Steve Carrell in "Get Smart"
There was a health scare last year and a certain contact solution - I won't say the name of it but it was the one that I use - gave you conjunctivitis. I also had a sinus infection at the same time. So I had to go up to Steve, my eye is red, puffy and dripping green - I'm snotty and I'm just like "Come here!"

her idea of a perfect date
Being laid back, putting on your favorite pair of flip-flops, grabbing a pizza and going to see an unexpectedly great film. Just walking and talking, when the weather is right. You know those dates when everything just comes together? And it's nothing that you could even put your finger on. You're not doing anything all that special. There's just a mood.

about going topless for one of her movies
It's not the most fun requirement of the job, but nor is it something that I would ever not do a job because of. It is what it is. Some people choose not to do it on moral grounds, but I think that's a shoddy argument.

on how she lost weight
I was on vacation. We were on a boat and had a chef, so I was able to tell her to make me delicious things that were low in calories. And once I got on the set, the stress kept it down. By the way, I just have to say half of it has come back, so it’s not a foolproof plan.

# Anne is ranked #4 in the "100 Hottest Brunettes of AIM".
# Anne is the new face of Lancôme as of 2008. This is Anne's first commercial campaign.
# Anne was ranked #61 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World of 2007.
# Anne was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007.
# She was nominated for a 2000 Teen Choice TV Award for Get Real.
# She was nominated for a 2002 MTV Movie Award in the Breakthrough Female Performance category for The Princess Diaries.
# Teen People Magazine had her on their 2002 list of “25 Hottest Stars Under 25”.
# She received a “Paper Mill's Rising Star Award” nomination for the best high school performance by an actress in the state of New Jersey.
# She was nominated for a 2002 Teen Choice Film Award for her part in The Princess Diaries.
# She was named on People Magazine's list of “Breakthrough Stars of 2001”.

Anne has appeared on the cover of 5 magazines. They are:
"Hollywood Life" (USA) July 2006
"Teen Vogue" (USA) August 2004
"Cosmo Girl!" (USA) May 2004
"Seventeen" (USA) February 2003
"Hamptons" (USA) July 2001
"Io Donna" (Italy) October 2001



1. "Saturday Night Live" (1 episode, 2008)
... aka "NBC's Saturday Night" (USA: complete title)
... aka "SNL 25" (USA: alternative title)
... aka "SNL" (USA: informal title)
... aka "Saturday Night Live '80" (USA: sixth season title)
... aka "Saturday Night Live 15" (USA: fifteenth season title)
... aka "Saturday Night Live 20" (USA: twentieth season title)
... aka "Saturday Night Live 25" (USA: twentiefifth season title)
... aka "Saturday Night" (USA: first season title)
- Anne Hathaway/The Killers (2008) TV episode (performer: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (uncredited), "A Spoonful of Sugar" (uncredited), "What I Did for Love" (uncredited))
2. Hoodwinked! (2005) (performer: "Great Big World")
3. Ella Enchanted (2004) (performer: "Somebody to Love")

Archive Footage:

1. "Quelli che... il calcio"
- Episode #16.23 (2009) TV episode .... Emma
2. Premio Donostia a Meryl Streep (2008) (TV) .... Andy Sachs
3. "E! True Hollywood Story"
- Heath Ledger (2008) TV episode .... Herself


1. Valentine's Day (2010)
2. Love and Other Drugs (2010) (pre-production)
3. Alice in Wonderland (2010) (post-production) .... The White Queen
4. "The Simpsons" .... Jenny (1 episode, 2009)
- The Good, the Sad and the Drugly (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Jenny
5. Bride Wars (2009) .... Emma
6. Passengers (2008) .... Claire Summers
7. Rachel Getting Married (2008) .... Kym
8. Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (2008) (uncredited) .... Agent 99
9. Get Smart (2008) .... Agent 99
10. Becoming Jane (2007) .... Jane Austen
11. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) .... Andy Sachs
12. Brokeback Mountain (2005) .... Lureen Newsome
... aka Souvenirs de Brokeback Mountain (Canada: French title)
13. Havoc (2005) .... Allison Lang
14. Hoodwinked! (2005) (voice) .... Red
15. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) .... Mia Thermopolis
16. Ella Enchanted (2004) .... Ella
17. Nicholas Nickleby (2002) .... Madeline Bray
18. Neko no ongaeshi (2002) (voice: English version) .... Haru
... aka The Cat Returns (International: English title)
19. The Other Side of Heaven (2001) .... Jean Sabin
20. The Princess Diaries (2001) .... Mia Thermopolis

Birthday: 11/12/1982
Nickname: Annie
Birthname: Anne Jacqueline Hathaway
Hookups: Topher Grace, Raffaello Follieri
Assets: Big ti-- um, smile. Pretty eyes.
Vices: Dated a Mafia money launderer, so probably not too safe to be around right now. Also, a secret Smoker
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'9
Job: Actress
Hobbies: Interior Design, Reading
Ethnicity: White
Country of Origin: United States
favorite movies "
Elizabeth (1998),
Stand by Me (1986),
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001),
Pretty Woman (1990)
City of God (2002).

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