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Heidi Cortez

Born on March 11, 1981 in Southern California
Heidi Cortez is an American model, writer, actress, business owner and radio host/personality.

Heidi Cortez possesses the lethal combination of brains, beauty and a body to die for. OK, she may not be a rocket scientist in the smarts department, but she can obviously string sentences together in an entertainingly provocative manner, and she also operates a successful business. With her killer measurements of 34D-25-37 and just about the finest pair of legs we've ever laid eyes on, tuning in to Sunset Tan to catch Heidi Cortez strutting around in a bikini could count as the visual highlight of the week. Then there's her scintillating spreads for that earned the kinky storyteller in her the titillating title of the "acoustic acrobat of the bedroom." This princess of pillow talk's racy imagination helps spice up her overall appeal, making her even more of a turn on.

Heidi Cortez Quotes

"I hope people will find them funny. I have a wild imagination and it was extremely fun writing them."

- Heidi Cortez.

In fourth grade Heidi Cortez, already had stars in her eyes. While other children dressed as attorneys and firefighters for career day, Heidi came as a model, much to the amusement of her classmates. Growing up as an underprivileged young girl did not stop Heidi from living out her fantasies, and that’s been her mantra ever since. "I had it in my head that I was going to be funny, successful & famous and that if that wasn't going to happen I'd own a tanning salon," she explained smiling.

Although it was Heidi’s presence on the Howard Stern Show that made her a household name, it was actually a successful stint as the co-host of "The Xtra Point" on ESPN Radio from 2001-2003 that launched her radio career.

It all began, however, with a part time job at a shoe store.

Heidi discovered that storytelling came naturally to her when she was approached to lend her voice to a CD of erotic stories while working as a sales associate in a Birkenstock store. Heidi adlibbed through all of the stories and the result was an erotic story telling CD called Sexy Noises.

The CD led to an appearance on the Howard Stern Show in 2002, and the rest is history.

"I sent the CD into Howard and for two years they played bits of it over and over again. I have been a Howard Stern fan since I was very young and one day Howard asked if anyone could track down the owner of the voice behind the story telling CD. I happened to be listening and rang in immediately."

Heidi’s second fantasy of owning a tanning salon came to fruition when she opened her tanning salon, Cabana Tans of Reno in 2004 at the age of 22. Today, Heidi still owns and operates Cabana Tans in Reno, which is one of the largest in Northern Nevada.

Heidi's appearance on Howard Stern led to a celebrity layout on, and in 2005, she modeled for three consecutive months of layouts.

This led to a contract with Sirius Radio in 2005 to read her fun, comical, sexy stories on Howard Stern 100 & 101 under the name "Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez". "I love to make people laugh and smile!" she says.

In 2006, Heidi launched her first book, "Heidi's Bedtime Stories" published by Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster. The book features 35 original sexy short stories written by Heidi. Simon & Schuster was so enthused of Heidi's story telling that they immediately called her with a publishing offer after Howard Stern had repeatedly talked about her and her stories on David Letterman, 60 Minutes, in Esquire Magazine, and so many more. "Heidi's Bedtime Stories" hit the Barnes & Noble Bestseller's List on its first week on shelves. With much success, in 2007 the book was launched in paperback.

With years of experience, Heidi continues to do radio and has her own weekly show called, "The Heidi Cortez Show." The show airs every Monday @ 7pm PST on Past guests include American Idol’s Constantine Morales, pro-skater Jason Ellis, Grounded for Life’s Donal Logue, and more.

In Mid 2007, Heidi joined the cast of the hit TV show, Sunset Tan on E! Sunset Tan airs in 43 different countries and was the number one show on the E! Network when it premiered in 2007. Season 2 of the hit show started this August 2008 with over 1.3 Million viewers.

A champion for charity, Heidi is an active member of Social, an online network committed to recognizing influence in social networks by partnering brands with people to raise awareness and funds for the charities of their choice. Heidi supports Direct Relief, an organization focused on improving the quality of life by bringing critically needed medicines and supplies to local healthcare providers worldwide. Utilizing the hundreds of thousands of existing fans cultivated from her social networking on sites like MySpace, Facebook and her website, Heidi is able to make a difference for the causes she cares about.

Where did you draw the inspiration for the stories in your book, "Heidi's Bedtime Stories"?
Heidi Cortez: I've always told erotic stories...It just started on CD instead. Then about this time last year, i got a call from Simon & Schuster. They asked me if i would put my stories onto paper.....It was allvery natual
When you wrote it, did you have men or women readers in mind?
Heidi Cortez: I actually wrote the book from a womens point of view and mens.... I favor no sex when writing erotica.
Is it safe to assume that due to the success of your first book that you have another in the works, possibly a HBS Vol. 2?
Heidi Cortez: Wow...i wish! That would be a dream come true! I would love to write always, but since this book has only been out for a month, we will have to wait and see how well it does. It has already hit the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers List.....
What was your Playboy photoshoot experience like?
Heidi Cortez: It was awesome! I love everyone there and i have a wonderful relationship w/ Playboy
Do you offer topless photos in the VIP section at your website?
Heidi Cortez: Hmmmmm....maybe. haha. Yes, there are a few topless ones


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Name: Heidi Cortez
Birthdate: 3/11/1981
Birthplace: Southern California
Height: 5' 7"
Bust: 34D
Waist: 25
Hips: 37
Loves: Cute dimples, Nice Teeth and Comedy
Hates: Bad Breath, or trying to hard
Every Woman Should Have: Lots of shoes, confidence and a sense of humor
Favorite Artists: Beach Boys, NOFX, Greenday Social D, The Killers, Beastie Boys and The Ramones
Best Advice I Ever Got: If you want something done right, do it yourself!

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