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Brenda lynn

Hi !! My name is Brenda Acevedo, and I am a model/actress from New Jersey. My measurements are 34DD (all natural), 25 waist, and 36hips.
My parents are both from Puerto Rico, which make me a proud Bouriqua! Even though my espanol is maso menos. My ultimate goal in modeling and acting is to become a household name that appeals to many audiences. I love traveling, learning about different cultures and experiencing new things. I always act silly and try to make a great time out of every situation. I am passionate about life and enjoy living each day to the fullest. You would most likely see me at the mall because shopping is my hobby, stress reliever, and it’s good exercise . I will use any excuse possible to shop.(smiling:-) ) Besides that my passions are dancing, reading, and spending time with my family. I am just a simple girl, as they say, living life the way one should.

What do you do from 9-5?
I used to cocktail at the Borgata for 3 years but resigned my position and now am a part time model, part time bartender at a golf course in Syracuse.

With such a hot bartender in the clubhouse, how are you going to keep club members on the greens?
I try not to bartend at the golf course too often, maybe twice a week to give them a treat...LOL Not sure those guys are ready for a full time Jersey girl.

Do you miss the action of working in a casino? That must have been fun…
Casino live is def an experience I must say I don’t regret it. I have crossed paths with some many people and made some life long friends. Only thing is it’s hard to not keep business and pleasure separate. You can definitely get caught up in the crazy lifestyle.

Tell us about what you like to do for fun.
I am definitely an entertainment junkie. I love anything and anyone that entertains me and makes me laugh…and YES!!! I am a Stern fan! I love to follow the drama, stories and gossip of the show while laughing my ass off the whole time.

What are some of the wildest things you’ve done in your 20-something years?
Wildest things…LOL...I had sex in the garage at one of the places I used to work, minutes before I started work. I was sitting in a back of a cop car for 2 hours almost getting arrested and once I called out of work and flew to Cali on a days notice with nowhere to stay…and I’m still in my early twenties so I’m sure there will be many more stories.

What are some things about a man that would turn you off?
Turn offs…LOL. I don’t like arrogant, aggressive, conceited, cheap guys..

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever done it?
Strangest place I had sex was on a connecting balcony over looking downtown Manhattan.

Tell us a little about your taste in panties. Boy shorts? Thongs?
Hate underwear unless it’s the only thing I’m wearing. Then anything but granny panties is fine.

Is it difficult being so hot?
Yes, because you can never have those “not so hot” days…LOL... everyone thinks you’re sick or something.

What’s your best physical feature and why?
My best physical feature, I believe are my eyes. I love playing dress up with my eyes with different make up.

Are your breasts real or are they implants?
Yes they are real and very tough to deal with. I remember hearing Howard say that he doesn’t know why females get breast reduction and it was good to hear from pretty much the world’s best critique but it’s very hard to be comfortable in a society where the majority of women have boobies that are perfect. So I’m still considering but right now I’m trying to just love them.

Have you ever had a lesbian experience? If so, please tell us all about it.
The closest lesbian experience I ever had was a couple years back with a girl I was friends with we were out drinking and she just looked so beautiful and I was like ok...I think she’s hot and kissed her. We made out pretty heavy and I think she liked it too much cause even now I still think she hints at it once in a while. But I think I just like men way too much but who knows liquors a strange thing...

Where would you like your modeling career to take you?
I would like to one day become a Playmate and maybe become a Brooke Burke. Be a sexy hot mom and have fun, party and be successful while doing it.

Who are your role models?
My role models are anyone who can survive in this industry and stay true to themselves.
Miss Howard TV Blog

Let me start by saying my experience with the Howard Stern show was a wonderful one. It all started a couple days before the show when one of my casting managers, Maria DeMartino emailed me asking if I was interested in partaking in a casting to be the next Miss Howard TV. As a fan of the show, I watch Howard Stern on Demand all the time and have always wondered what it would be like to be Miss Howard TV. What it would be like to meet these people I find so interesting and what it would be like to be a part of the legendary Howard Stern Show. So I sent my pictures and crossed my fingers and was elated when I got the call from Isaac from Howard TV asking me to come in.

The trip down was the worst part of the whole experience. A three to four hour drive turned into a ten plus hour drive because of snow storms, IT WAS HORRIBLE! But the next day made it all better. When I arrived at the studio I was a little nervous. I got changed and waited for Flo Rida to come out of the studio so I could go in. I was prepared for the worst but it was a painless interview. Howard and Robin were both very pleasant to me. As for Artie, I'm still mad at you for missing my visit!!! I don't know why people thought I was making up my adoration for Artie, I really love him. The studio was quick then I took a couple pictures so they could post something on After that it was a little bit of waiting until the show was over, and a little more while Richard shot for his drumming piece for Howard TV. That all gave me a little time to get comfortable with the script of introductions I had to shoot right after. So we went back into the studio and taped the introductions and also took some more photos for Jason came in and did his little photo shoot with me just a couple days after Howard made a big deal about how Jason's pictures of him come out horrible but I think he did a pretty good job with me. That was pretty much the extent of the day. It was a long day but it was great. Everyone was so wonderful and respectful, especially Mike Gange and Brian Phelan. Thank you to everyone and if you ever want me to come back (Artie!) just let me know and I'll be there in a heartbeat and don’t forget to hit me up on myspace at Brendalynnfanclub.

  • SHOW Magazine Issue 8 (Cover and Feature)
  • SHOW 2008 Calender (Miss December)
  • MMA sports Magazine June 2007 (Centerfold)
  • Maxim magazine june 2007 Hometown Hotties (Semi Finalists)
  • Lowrider Girls July 2008 9page spread

  • Jay Z ft. Pharrell - Blue Magic Music Video (Lead)
  • Lil Wayne in Keri Hilson’s – Turnin Me On
  • Soulja Boy - Bird Walk

  • Playboy Girls of Golf 2008
  • Maxim Radio

  • Hot Lingerie Contest: 3rd Place
  • Maxim Online
  • FHM Online

Birthday: 11/9/1981
Birthname: Brenda Acevedo
Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
Assets: Smokin' Hot Bod
Vices: Shopping
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'1
Job: Model/Actress
Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: United States

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