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Mallika Sherawat (Hindi: मल्लिका शेरावत)

Born October 24, 1981 as Reema Lamba in Karnal, Haryana, India
Mallika Sherawat (Hindi: मल्लिका शेरावत) is a popular Indian actress and model. Known for her public openness, she is frequently featured in the Indian media as a sex symbol

Mallika's onscreen debut was in Lak Tunoo, a music video by Surjit Bindrakhia. She attracted wide notice with her appearance in the 2003 movie Khwahish. In 2004, she starred in Murder, a film inspired by Hollywood's Unfaithful. She received a nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards ceremony for her performance in Murder. The film went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year.

Since then, Sherawat has been known for her courage to express her opinions in public, as well as because of the reaction to some of her statements

She also made news when she won a small role in a Jackie Chan movie, The Myth; she made a widely publicized appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote The Myth.

However, her performance in the 2006 film Pyaar Ke Side Effects co-starring Rahul Bose won her praise from around the industry, and the film also garnered decent collections at the box office becoming a moderate success.

She is now beginning to work in the Kollywood (Tamil) film industry as well after her item number in a Kannada film. Her debut was Dasavathaaram, starring Kamal Haasan, Asin, and Jayapradha, in which she plays one of the lead antagonists.

Her first 2007 release was Himesh Reshammiya's Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story, where she played a "vampish role". Mallika herself has protested, saying that it is a negative role but not a vamp role. With Aap Ka Suroor she has become the most expe 2007 was Wnsive "Item Girl", as she charged Rs. 1.5 crore for her Item number in the movie. Aap Ka Suroor did well at the box office. Her last release ofelcome which also did well at the box office receiving blockbuster status.

Sherawat has been voted as one of Asia's 100 most beautiful people by the Hong Kong based fashion and beauty magazine, Cover.

Howard Stern the king of sex in USA compared her with Pamela Anderson and challenged her to "show it all" in Howard Stern TV show

World-renowned journalist Riz Khan has dubbed Bollywood's hot belle Mallika Sherawat as a youth icon in an interview for CNN news

The craving for sex is natural: Mallika
Hot siren Mallika Sherawat , who caught attention with seventeen kisses in her first film, has very liberal views about sex. Mallika is not the one who would talk about sex in suppressed tones. While she claims that she is still a virgin, she doesn't attach any piety to the idea of a girl preserving her virginity till her marriage. The hot belle rather opines that sex is fun, adding in the same breath that she has no hiccups in going physical with the man of her choice even b Mallikaefore marriage. Expressing her views on the issue to a leading entertainment tabloid, said: "I find the idea of a girl preserving her virginity for her husband quite outdated and repulsive. It is this kind of societal repression that is driving the youth to frustration and giving rise to crimes against women." "The need for sex is natural and the more you seek to curb it, the stronger will be the backlash," said the actress who promises more of 'revealing stuff' in her coming movies.

Having been compared to Halle Berry, Mallika Sherawat’s beauty has never been called into question. Her complete comfort with her body is apparent, both in her brashness offscreen and her on-screen performances. And that self-confidence is justified -- there’s simply no denying that her natural curves and silky-smooth skin are what guys dream about. Mallika Sherawat is the very definition of an exotic beauty, and it’s not difficult to see why she’s become such a notorious sex icon in her native India.

“I always wanted to be an actress. I'd ape all the actresses before the mirror even when it was forbidden in my community.”
- Mallika Sherawat

Year ↓ Film ↓

2002 Jeena Sirf Merre Liye
2003 Khwahish

2004 Kis Kis Ki Kismat
2004 Murder
2005 Bachke Rehna Re Baba
2005 The Myth

2006 Pyaar Ke Side Effects
2006 Shaadi Se Pehle
2006 Darna Zaroori Hai
2007 Guru

2007 Preeti Eke Bhoomi Melide
2007 Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story
2007 Fauj Mein Mauj
2007 Welcome

2008 Dasavathaaram
2008 Ugly Aur Pagli Kuhu
2008 Dhakrey's Bed(Proper use of butter)
2008 Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam

Height is 5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm)

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