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Nandana sen

Born 19 August, 1967
Nandana Sen (Bengali: নন্দনা সেন) (or Nandana Dev Sen is a Indian actress, known for her work in Bollywood.

Nandana’s growing up years were spread across India, America and Europe. She was married to Horst Yorgan Rutstch and was dating Madhu Varma, nephew of director Ram Gopal Varma.

Nandana was first seen in Gautam Ghose’s The Doll (1998). The English language movie Hunt Hoe’s Seducing Maarya (1999) saw her as the florist Maarya. This was followed by an Italian movie Branchie (2001).

In Shyamaprasad’s Bokshu - The Myth (2003) which was based on the Hindi novel Mriganthak, she played the role of an assistant to the temple priest. The Miracle: A Silent Love Story was her release in 2004.

Nandana Sen played Duri in Joseph Castelo’s The War Within (2005). My Wife’s Murder (2005) saw her with Anil Kapoor and Suchitra Krishnamurthy. Tango Charlie (2005) did not do well commercially but received a good response for it’s portrayal of war and grief.

In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black (2005) she played Rani Mukherji’s younger sister Sarah. The movie won several words like National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and is on the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films.

Following the success of Black, Nandana was seen in Anand Rai’s Strangers (2007) which was based on Hitchcock’s Stangers on the Train and Willard Collard’s Marigold (2007) that failed to do well.

In 2009 Nandana will be seen in diverse roles in Rang Rasiya, Prince, Zindabad, The Forest, Kaler Rakhal and Season’s Greetings.

Besides being an actress, Nandana Sen has another talent that complements her acting well.The saucy actress is a closet script writer and has already penned three scripts.She wrote ‘The Widow of Alang’ for Norwegian director Emil Stang Lund, and she penned ‘Forever’ for a short film by Telefilms in Canada and 'Waiting For Mahatma’. Nandana, who claims to have inherited her writing skills from her mother, says penning a script also helps her as an actress. It helps her to “connect to the scenes” that she enacts in films.

A very crucial scene involving nudity in Ketan Mehta’s upcoming film Rang Rasiya has reportedly been cleared by the Censor Board.Actress Nandana Sen says her character in Ketan Mehta’s film Rang Rasiya is that of a very passionate, loving and sensual girl.

Talking about her character in the film, Nandana says: "Sugandha was a strange mix of child-woman. She was very passionate, loving and sensual girl. She was also a very complex character with a mix of vulnerability and strength, and the fact that she was so beautiful to inspire an artist like Raja Ravi Verma makes her a dream character," says Nandana.

However, the film has already raised many a hackle because of the skin show by Nandana and also because certain groups might raise objection to Nandana depicted in forms of Indian goddesses.

  1. Sharpe's Peril (2008) (TV) .... Maharani Padmini
  2. Rang rasiya (2008) .... Sugandha... aka Colours of Passion (International: English title)
  3. Strangers (2007/III) .... Preeti
  4. The World Unseen (2007) .... Rehmat
  5. Marigold (2007) .... Jaanvi... aka Marigold (India: Hindi title: dubbed version)
  6. It's a Mismatch (2006) .... Neha
  7. The Forest (2006) .... Radha
  8. The War Within (2005) .... Duri Choudhury
  9. My Wife's Murder (2005) .... Reena Wadhwa
  10. Tango Charlie (2005) .... Shyamoli
  11. Black (2005) .... Sara McNally
  12. Bokshu the Myth (2002)
  13. Forever (1999) .... Nadia
  14. Branchie (1999) ... aka Branchie: il respiro della fantasia (Italy: promotional title)
  15. Seducing Maarya (1999) .... Maarya
  16. Gudia (1997) (voice) (as Nandana Dev Sen) .... Rosemary Braganza/Urvashi

  1. Forever (1999) (writer)
  2. Seducing Maarya (1999) (script consultant)
  1. Seducing Maarya (1999) (associate producer)

  1. The Making of Sharpe's Peril (2008) (TV) .... Herself

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