Monday, April 6, 2009

Bruna Abdullah

Bruna Abdullah, this Brazilian bombshell is making all right moves. She is all over heating TV screens in attempt to find Indias Hottest on Channel [V]. Even Indian edition of FHM Magazine got sizzling taste of this beauty.

Take a look at her stats sheet and you’ll see what we’re talking about: Bruna has been seen taking it off for the Kingfisher calender, dancing naughtily in Bollywood item numbers and engaging in some rather hot activities on her new show on Channel [V]. She quite obviously loves to show off her spectacular proportions and you won’t hear us complaining. Those who get to know her intimately (like we did) will quickly learn that Bruna is really a very friendly, down to earth and extremely intelligent woman; that flirty, ‘spank me bad’ demeanour she projects is just a show.

“Back in Mumbai there are strong rumours about me and Salman Khan. But this is the most ridiculous piece of news,” said the model and VJ in a telephone interview from Brazil.

“He’s a chocolate boy. He might be a Greek god, but I am not Salman Khan’s girlfriend,” she giggles.

Bruna Abdallah sizzled into bollywood with an item song ‘rehem kare’ in movie Cash. This Brazilian model is turning heads in glamour industry. She is all over TV these days for show Indias’ Hottest with AJ Aditya on Channel [V].

She is providing perfect eye candy to people tuning in to check hottest people in India. If you think you are hot - upload your picture on indias’ hottest website and let Indian decide. As such Bruna is there to raise temperature.

Do you like to accessorise yourself?
I only like to wear ear rings. I love wearing nice big ear rings. I usually wear a thin gold chain and pendant but it is so thin that it is not even noticeable. I do not like junk jewellery at all. I hate those plastic necklaces and all. I prefer delicate piece of accessories.

Who chooses your clothes?
Generally I choose my clothes but when I have to buy an outfit for some event or grand occasion I consult a stylist. I don’t choose my clothes for such occasions as my dressing sense is non-glamorous and I will never pick something that is glamorous or jazzy that is needed for grand occasions.

Is there any particular brand that you prefer for clothes?
Guess and Zara because the clothes from these brands fit me well and they have good colours. I mostly buy Guess and Zara jeans. I have a huge collection of jeans.

What is your favourite destination for shopping?
Dubai as I can find all my favourite brands there. Dubai is best for shopping. You name it and they have it.

Which are the clothes that make you feel comfortable?
A pair of jeans and tang top.

Who is your favourite designer?
Vikram Phandis. His outfits are very wearable. Many a times when you attend a fashion show, you wonder if you would ever wear those designs but it is not the same with him. His designs are amazing.

A must have in your purse?
I have everything that a girl has in her bag from lip balm to hair moisturiser. I always make a point to carry a hair moisturiser as I have curly hair that easily gets dry and frizzy.

A fashion tip.
Just feel comfortable in what you wear. Girls are often seen pulling their dress down or adjusting their clothes which looks tacky. So, it is always better to wear something that is comfortable rather than being conscious. And one more thing, do not take off your shoes at a party. Wear something that is comfortable and you can wear all night.

What are the make-up products that you prefer?
Lancome and Maybelline. Lancome products suit my skin tone and complexion. Also, its products are very smooth on skin. I like Maybelline for its mascaras and eye liners

A make- up tip.
The simple principle that I follow is less the better. It is important to have nice looking hair. Always carry a good hairstyle. A good hairdo with basic make-up is the perfect combination.

Name : Bruna Abdullah
Sex : Female
Education : Model,Actress
Debut Film : Desi Movie (2009)

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